Are you looking to enhance an existing product or process? Adapt know-how or a technique to your industrial constraints? Develop an entirely new product or process? Perhaps you are facing organizational or social challenges?

If you are facing such situations, we can provide support to develop your organization through innovation and technology. UQAR offers businesses a broad range of opportunities to gain a strong competitive advantage. Collaboration with UQAR can be a ticket to R&D funding and provide access to cutting-edge expertise and infrastructures.

Research collaboration

Research collaboration with UQAR is an excellent way for businesses and organizations to remain at the forefront of innovation and to develop their activities. There is a broad spectrum of partnership possibilities. Research at UQAR is organized and takes shape within research units (chairs, inter-institution centres, groups, and laboratories), bringing together researchers from all departments and collaborators from other institutions.

Depending on business or organization needs, a research development agent in partnership with UQAR assists businesses and researchers in initiating and implementing collaboration. This agent is a primary contact for

  • Identifying the necessary skills and know-how to meet needs
  • Identifying the scientific expert within academia who is able to respond to problems
  • Obtaining information about UQAR’s valuation procedures and existing financial solutions

Centre d’appui à l’innovation par la recherche (CAIR)

The Centre d’appui à l’innovation par la recherche—CAIR (centre for innovation support through research) is dedicated to developing research projects in partnership with one or more businesses and UQAR researchers. This centre offers leading-edge services to support innovation, as well as multidisciplinary expertise in order to enhance technology transfers.


  • Guides and supports organizations at all stages of innovation
  • Promotes knowledge and know-how transfer between stakeholders interested in development through innovation
  • Acts as a catalyst in partnership projects
  • Facilitates access to UQAR expertise

The CAIR promotes research and development projects in areas of special interest for a number of industrial sectors in the regions served by UQAR.

Centre d’expertise universitaire voué au développement des organisations (CEUDO)

The Centre d’expertise universitaire voué au développement des organisations—CEUDO (Centre for academic expertise dedicated to the development of organizations) is an initiative of UQAR professors in collaboration with the City of Lévis. CEUDO is aimed at supporting organization development in the region through research and training.

CEUDO has two areas of intervention. The first is directed towards expanding the boundaries of knowledge and developing new models in the context of research projects focused on problem areas in organizations. CEUDO’s second focus area is supporting organizations through leading-edge training stemming from research findings.

Research and Development (R&D) funding

In recent years, a number of funding tools have been set up on the provincial and federal levels to allow new technologies created by research units to mature. Partnering with UQAR enables businesses to acquire validated technologies, thereby reducing R&D investment costs. Being in a research partnership with UQAR can be very profitable for businesses that are eligible for research and development tax credits from the governments of Quebec and Canada.

For more information on the eligibility and scope of research projects and on amounts for which tax credits can be claimed, visit the Canada Revenue Agency and Investissement Québec websites.